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Only a few cities can claim such a priceless art and heritage as Venice. This city with its exquisite, magical and spectacular scenery is a real miracle of creativity: a city built on mud, sand and the glop of a difficult, uncongenial landscape.

What is so impressive and addicting about Venice is that the entire city is built on water. The city is an engineering miracle. In the ancient times the water was the only defense, no palace guards, no parade grounds, but the lagoon. Since the centuries of feudalism and barbarism Venice symbolizes democracy and civilization.

Venice Attractions

For a city as charged with tourist attractions as Venice, it's hard to decide where to begin and what to see. Possibly the best way is to simply get lost in the scenic beauty and wander through the enchanting little streets and passageways, ramble beside its canals and finding pleasure in exploring its secret corners. No matter where you stroll you can always find your way to these few famous sights as without visiting them your trip might not be complete.

  • St. Mark's Basilica
  • St. Mark's Square
  • Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace)
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge)
  • St. Mark's Campanile (Bell Tower)
  • Gallerie dell' Accademia (Fine Arts Museum)
  • Santa Maria Glorisa dei Frari
  • Santa Maria dei Miracoli
  • Lido

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival is a splendid annual festival in Venice but famed worldwide. The Carnival ends with the Christmas celebrations of Lent, forty days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Thousands of tourists from around the world come to attend this glorious Carnival. It is the re-living of 18th century with those mysterious Venetian masks eyeing you from the city's alleyways just like one can imagine Venice 300 years ago. It is undoubtedly world's most unique experience. Wearing masks is a strongly felt tradition with deep cultural roots of Venetians. It is common for people to attend the Carnival wearing elaborate costumes, masks and is an occasion to gather to celebrate and dance.


With its unique lagoon location and closeness to the island gardens of Sant’Erasmo, genuine Venetian cuisine composed of some truly flavorful and refined dishes counting greatly on fish and vegetables. Bars and cafes have a very important part of Venetian society. Some bars open at 8 am and close until 2 am. The Veneto region has a remarkably diverse landscape and is home to a variety of microclimates, generating the perfect conditions for growing quality red and white wines. The sparkling white wine Prosecco – and other cocktails such as the Bellini and Spritz are quite fashionable as a pre-dinner drink in Venice. Pasticceria, a shop selling sweet pastries and cakes, are also loved by tourists.


Venice has been a superior cultural centre from the immemorial times. The cultural aspect of the city can be felt everywhere through its unique ambiance of romance, art and architecture. The charm of Venetian culture can be witness and experienced during the marvelous festivals and carnivals which are the highlight of local cultural life. As one of the scenic and romantic cities of the world, Venice has an undeniable presence of works from visual arts and literature. From Shakespeare's tragedy, 'Othelo' to Super hit James Bond, many are connected to this city. More the 100 pieces of visual arts, numerous video games and countless movies are linked to Venice. So, grab our all-inclusive Venice Holiday packages to make your experience more mesmerizing.

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