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Whatever be your destination, we have accumulated few tips to make your travel smoother. Follow these pre-flight strategies and have a great flying experience.

When At Home


If you haven’t signed up for TSA PreCheck then getting through security might take some time. Always leave from home taking a good time margin so that you don’t have to hustle things later at the airport.

Insure your travel

Sometimes your flight gets delayed and because of that you might miss a connecting flight or your bag goes missing. Incidents like these make your travel experience worse. Buy some peace of mind by getting your travel insured. There are many companies who give travel insurance and have different reimbursement policies for delays, cancellations and lost luggage.

Stay informed

Don't depend on your airline to send you alerts about the status of your flights instead stay up-to-the-minute by signing up for online flight-tracking services for texts and email alerts. There are many applications for Android and iOS to manage your travel itinerary.

Make sure your carry-on is really a carry-on

There is a size restriction on carry-ons. Go through the baggage policy of your operating carrier to avoid having to gate-check your bag or paying additional charges.

Make certain that your toiletries are limited

Airlines allow only 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or containers of smaller size that can fit into one quarter-size resealable bag can go in carry-ons and through checkpoint security.

Dress smart and casual

Stick to casuals and no high-heels while traveling to move hustle free through airports. Wear wrinkle-free fabric, pair of leggings or jeans and keep a cashmere wrap or sweater handy in case it is chilled due to air-conditioner.

At The Airport

Always know your way around the airport

There are many applications for both Android and iOS that will navigate you around airports. They are very handy when you have a stopover; it enlists all the amenities of the airport and also saves you lots of time.

Join the club

If you have a long stopover or extended delay, get a day pass to a lounge which often includes Wi-Fi and food in its cost itself. It might cost you between $25 to &50. You can also become a member of an independent club and enjoy their services, rest or take a nap while having a long layover.

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